Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy. Whether creating new companies or rejuvenating established businesses, they provide the crucial driving force that creates jobs and wealth. But entrepreneurship is hard work that requires commitment, energy, knowledge and passion.

Due to the riskiness of businesses – especially start-ups and early stage businesses – only a small number of businesses get funding from investors.

We set rigorous standards in evaluating proposals for funding.

A large number of proposals are rejected because of the nature of the product or service, the quality of the business, the capabilities of the management and/or poor business planning.

Not all businesses are attractive from an investor’s point of view. Investors are looking to invest in ambitious entrepreneurial companies with high growth prospects, which want to attract outside investors to realise their potential.

Entrepreneurial businesses can be distinguished from other small businesses by their aspirations and potential for growth, rather than by their current size. Such businesses are aiming to grow to a significant size. Unless a business can offer the prospect of massive turnover growth within five years, it is unlikely to receive investment.

All investors, especially in early-stage ventures, will be looking to make a significant multiple of their original investment.

In short, you must demonstrate that your company has both the products and the management acumen to deliver the kind of growth that will justify a venture capital investment.


Important Information

Please read the following before completing the registration form:

The information you provide must be factual, accurate and verifiable.

We do not offer seed funds.

We will not consider ideas on paper - however good they are.

We will only consider investing in start-ups, if they are outstanding, have market-driving products/services and are ready for launch. Most importantly, the business must have the right people who are passionate, driven and pragmatic.

Do not submit any information or other materials that you consider to be confidential or proprietary. We do not sign non-disclosure agreements.

We may request further details after we review the funding application.

From the initial screening to finalization will take three to four months – though in some cases it may take longer.

Only about 1% of the proposals will receive funding, thus you need to ensure that you meet our investment criteria before registering.

Investment Criteria

Stage Start-up, Early Stage, Growth and Expansion.
Market A clearly defined niche within a fast-growing market.
Position Potential to be a market leader.
Growth Highly scalable businesses with the potential for massive growth.
Management Full-time, committed with relevant experience.
Industry Most sectors considered, but preference towards:
Preferences Internet, IT, Software, Telecoms, Green Energy and Business Services.
Excluded Sectors Biotechnology, Crypto Currencies, Entertainment, Life-style Businesses, Mining, Oil & Gas and Retail.
Geographical Preferences Europe, North America and Asia.