Investor Questions

We offer investment opportunities that are carefully screened and only after extensive due diligence is carried out. We only accept about 1% of the proposals for funding. Most importantly, we also invest in many of the companies alongside our investors. You also have the opportunity to invest with investors in our network as a syndicate. We only select opportunities that can offer substantial returns.

It is free for investors to join and receive investment opportunities.

We do not provide investment advice.

You will receive notification by email whenever there is a new opportunity that meets your requirements is accepted by us.

The minimum investment is US $25,000 per deal.

Yes! You can invest as a syndicate.

No! You can choose to invest in a deal, only if you are happy to do so.

The choice is yours. In some cases, you can be an active investor if you like to take a role in the company in which you invest.

The choice is yours. In some cases, you can be an active investor if you like to take a role in the company in which you invest.

We do not share any details and we use your details according to our Privacy Policy.

Entrepreneur Questions

You can use the form to send brief details on the business.

You will be asked for more details after the initial review, if the opportunity meets our requirements.

A company with an outstanding product or service with high growth prospects and, most importantly, a management team with relevant experience. The management team must demonstrate a strong commitment, self-confidence and a real ambition to turn their business plan into reality.

We will consider most countries.

We will consider most sectors, but preference towards Internet, IT, Software, Telecoms, Green Energy and Business Services.

We do not invest in the following: Biotechnology, Crypto Currencies, Entertainment, Life-style Businesses, Oil & Gas and Retail.

We will only consider investing in start-ups, if they are outstanding, have market-driving products/services and are ready for launch. Most importantly, the business must have the right people who are passionate, driven and pragmatic.

We do not offer seed funding.

It is free to register and submit details. We only charge a success fee based on the amount raised.

We do not sign non-disclosure agreements.

You do not need to send us any confidential or proprietary details when you submit the funding application.

The World is full of people with "unique ideas", but short of people who can implement the ideas successfully and make money. An idea is worth nothing, if it cannot be turned into a successful business. Action - not just good ideas - is the key to starting and running a successful business.

If someone can simply copy your idea and turn it into a successful business, we will not invest, as there is no barrier to entry.

We do not accept business plans via email or post.

It will take about three months to complete the process - though in some cases it can take longer. Our investment process will always include rigorous commercial, financial and management due diligence.