Investing in Tomorrow's Businesses

We invest in entrepreneurial and innovative companies that have the potential to become leaders in their industries.

Our mission is to support highly talented entrepreneurs, helping them to build world-class businesses while achieving good returns for our investors.

As well as backing early stage businesses, we also invest in established companies that are looking to use venture capital to build scale.

We will invest in a company with an outstanding product or service with high growth prospects and, most importantly, a management team with relevant experience. The management team must demonstrate a strong commitment, self-confidence and a real ambition to turn their business plan into reality.

We focus on building robust and sustainable businesses. We employ a rigorous screening process before we make any investment. Thus, our investors will only receive high-quality investment opportunities that have passed our selection process.

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Venture Capital

Venture capital (VC) is a type of investment for early-stage, innovative businesses with strong growth potential

Venture capital companies provide finance and expertise for entrepreneurs and start-up companies in fast-growing sectors.

While private equity investments are focused more on mature companies, venture capital companies will invest in start-ups and early-stage companies with a disruptive business model offering strong growth.

Many of the leading companies such as Alibaba, Apple, Facebook and Google were backed by venture capital companies.

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