In an increasingly competitive world, only the businesses that are better, faster and cheaper than their competitors will survive in the long-term.

The potential returns from private venture capital opportunities cannot be matched in any other investment market. But there are risks in investing in any business.

Investors need the right information to make informed decisions about investment opportunities.

We add value by offering quality, viable and filtered investment opportunities with the potential for substantial growth and profit. We focus on hard facts, not on opinions, half-truths or hype.

We look at a range of factors in promising ventures and ask searching questions. Our selection process is rigorous; therefore, the available investment opportunities will be limited.

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Key Benefits

Quality deals

You will only receive quality deals selected especially for you. Our process is rigorous, and only about 1% of the proposals are accepted for funding.

Low investment entry

You can invest as little as US $25,000 in a project. You can invest in multiple projects and spread your risk.


You can invest alongside other investors and minimise your risk. You can also work with experienced investors and pool money and expertise.