In an increasingly competitive world, only the businesses that are better, faster and cheaper than their competitors will survive in the long-term.

The potential returns from private venture capital opportunities cannot be matched in any other investment market. But there are risks in investing in any business.


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Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy. Whether creating new companies or rejuvenating established businesses, they provide the crucial driving force that creates jobs and wealth.


But entrepreneurship is hard work that requires commitment, energy, knowledge and passion.

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Guide to Raising Finance


One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face in starting, running and growing their businesses is finding suitable funds.


Raising finance for a business venture requires determination, courage, preparation and focus. It is not for the faint-hearted!


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Investing in Tomorrow’s Businesses

We invest in entrepreneurial and innovative companies that have the potential to become leaders in their industries.

Our mission is to support highly talented entrepreneurs, helping them to build world-class businesses while achieving good returns for our investors.

As well as backing early stage businesses, we also invest in established companies that are looking to use venture capital to build scale.


We will invest in a company with an outstanding product or service with high growth prospects and, most importantly, a management team with relevant experience. The management team must demonstrate a strong commitment, self-confidence and a real ambition to turn their business plan into reality.


We are long-term investors with the aim of building robust and sustainable businesses. We employ a rigorous screening process before we make any investment. Thus our investors will only receive high quality investment opportunities that have passed our selection process.


News Launches a New Programme for Raising Funds

The premium service helps entrepreneurs access a large number of private investors from around

10 April 2014
Nexus-Capital Secures $ 23 Million for New Fund

Nexus-Capital has secured $ 23 million in committed capital from a group of private investors from the Middle East.



19 September 2012 Launches a New Fund to Help Entrepreneurs invests in entrepreneurial and innovative companies that have the potential to become leaders in their industries.


7 September 2012